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2010 Koup EX Occasional Stall On Bumps

Hi folks

Just wondering if someone might have some input on an occasional stall issue.

I have noted that if I pull out of my driveway and accidentally hit the huge pothole on the road with the back wheel, the car will stall - but only if I don't have my foot on the gas. So it seems to be triggered by no/low gas flow, hard bump to fuel pump general area. If I hit the bump with the front wheels but not the back, then all is fine.

The car will stall, then take 10-15 seconds to restart as the fuel pump needs to pump more fuel into the system.

If I have my foot on the gas when I hit the bump then all is fine. It has not stalled at all while doing regular day to day driving and other bumpy situations while at higher rates of speed are fine (eg, train tracks). The problem ONLY occurs when hitting the hard bump by my driveway while having no foot on on the gas so I don't know if it could also be related to engine temp as the engine would still be relatively cold.

I've looked at lists of signs of failing fuel pumps from various web sites.. my car doesn't do any of them..

I've asked my local dealership if it could be a clogged fuel filter - they won't answer the question directly - they just say "we haven't replaced one in years because it's in the fuel tank now and generally built to last". 3 different techs said that... but it doesn't exclude the filter as the cause.

Any thoughts?
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Very weird issue indeed. Loose connection?

Have you tried to reproduce the issue by hitting the tire or shaking/pushing down the car, etc while idling?
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Not yet - definitely not a bad idea to help determine how easy it is to reproduce, and perhaps even further narrow down the location of the issue.

Aside from that though, I got a little too frustrated trying to narrow this down (difficult since it' so rarely occurs).. I called up a local mechanic who's a top notch, no B.S. guy. He's going to have a look at the end of the month and we'll go from there.
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I'm wondering if it's your traction/stability control thinking there is a problem. You might try turning it off and see if the stalling goes away when you hit the pothole.

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run one test - that is my curiosity... as I did similar test when working on my car (I needed to depressurize the fuel system).
Anyway, start the car (while completely warmed up) and pull the fuse or relay for the fuel pump. See how long it takes for it to die.
Since I have not tried that on MPI engine, I cannot say how long it takes to loose pressure and die, but GDI took good 20 seconds.
But GDI has two pumps, although without the fuel tank/low pressure one, engine will not run anyway.

My point is - if it takes more time to stall than a few seconds, I would look elsewhere for the problem.

Is the stall immediate?
Can you hear the pump running then?

Loose connection is one thing, another is the fuel pump itself. It may be sticking.
That is exactly what happened to my friend's car. It was having fuel issues from time to time. One day he could not start. We went to tow it and I was like - let's just try it out and I kicked the fuel tank where pump is at. Car started fine. Took it home and replaced it.

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