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wacky lights and fan

Tonight I stopped at the store after work, and when I shut off the car, I noticed the AC fan stayed running. I turned off the fan, and did my shopping. I continued to another store, and the same thing happened. I noticed on my way back to the car, that the lights also did not turn off. Also, this time, the remote wouldn't unlock the doors. When I started the car, I noticed the headlights shut off, and wouldn't turn back on. I shut off the car, and everything was normal, except that the fan would stay on when the engine was turned off. When I got home, I noticed the headlights had stopped working during the drive home. When I shut off the car, the fan stayed running again, and the lights came back on, and wouldn't turn off. I started the car again, and the lights turned off, and wouldn't turn on. I shut off the car, and once again, the lights came on, and the fan continued to run.
I opened the hood, and tapped on the relay box in the engine compartment, and the lights and fan turned off. I started and shut off the car several times, and everything was back to normal.
Is there 1 relay that controls the operation of all the accessories? I'm hoping the problem was just a stuck relay.
My car is a 2010 Forte EX, 2.0 engine. Still going strong at 334,000 miles.
Mike in MN
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Is your fan two speed?
If so, it should have two relays. High and low speed.
Headlights most likely on one relay, but sometimes left and right are separated. Check your fuse box or manual.
Also look in here.

Tapping on the relay tells me it might have hung up. Easy troubleshooting for now would be swapping them around or simply replacing with new ones. Test them byt providing power between terminals 85 and 86. 87 and 30 are for power transfer to the device.

Just for comparison.
2014+ has two styles of fans. One is two speed, two relays, while SX trim is PWM (modulated power fan). And it runs on one relay with power varying from 20% to 90% by step of 10%.

2016 KIA Forte5 SX 1.6 T-GDI, A/T ("cheap GTI" - surprises many drivers)
2014 FIAT 500e (my first EV - awesome toy!!)
2016 FIAT 500X Trekking Plus AWD with Roof and Beats (for my wife)
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The blower and headlight wiring are not connected in any way in your vehicle, and IMO the issues you described are not the result of bad relays. The behavior of the blower could possibly be caused by a bad power mosfet. The headlight circuitry passes through the BCM and the DRL controller, so either of those could be a possible suspect. However, I suggest first checking the static and running voltage of the battery, to make sure the charging system is not the root cause of the multiple issues.

2011 SX 2.4L (thankfully MPI) A/T 130K
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Everything has been working as it should since my post.
Symptoms didn't make sense to me, and still don't.
When I shut off the car, the fan stayed on, and still worked on all 4 speeds. The AC light would come on when I pressed the AC button. Recirculate light came on when I pressed the cabin air recirculate button. The radio turned off as it should
The low beam headlights, front marker lights, and tail lights remained on.
When I started the car, the lights turned off as it cranked, as it always has, but once running, the headlights wouldn't turn on. The front marker lights did turn on. (don't know if the tail lights were on or not), the fan worked as it should, and the radio came on.
When I got home, I stopped and started the car several times, and it always did the same thing. I opened the hood with the engine running, tapped on top of the relay box cover, and the headlights came on.
I shut off, and re started the car several times, and everything was back to normal.
Battery and alternator were replaced January 2018, and still OK. Battery voltage 12 volts with the engine off, 13,82 with the engine running.
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