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  1. Koup with Vinyl Graphics

    Koup Pictures and Videos
    I would not label our members as "haters"; just people expressing their opinion, its a human trait.
  2. What is/will be your first modification???

    Koup General Discussion
    The order I plan to follow for my future mods are: Window Tint Rebadge CAI Exhaust (cat-back or just simply muffler swap out)
  3. what is this inside the koup?

    Koup General Discussion
    I pasted a link to a thread that answers your question below.
  4. Hey everyone!

    New Member Introductions
    Welcome to the forums Shanebot90. It looks you are definitely making your Forte uniquely yours. Make sure to post pictures of the mods when you find a camera. Thanks for becoming a Premium Member also.
  5. I just gotta say..

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    Welcome to the Forteforums deez.
  6. Koup with Vinyl Graphics

    Koup Pictures and Videos
    Never really been a fan of flames but for some reason I like it.
  7. Help! Red lip or no?

    Forte Wheels & Tires
    I thought the red striping looked fine.
  8. Warranty Question

    Koup General Discussion
    Sounds like another dealership that does not know what they are talking about.
  9. What area of this planet you call home

    New Member Introductions
    This is a poll just to get an idea where our members live. I have decided to use the same criteria of locations as our region forums with a few changes.
  10. SX Wheel Insert Pictures

    Forte Wheels & Tires
    We have a member Tina Koup that painted hers coppertone color. Check out here album.
  11. Kia Forte of the Month: May Winner jeff613!

    Kia Forte News and Reviews
    This will explain the procedure to you. Kia Forte of the Month Contest - Kia Forte Forum : Sedan and Forte Koup Forums
  12. iPhone 4 - what do u think and will you be getting it

    Forte Forums Lounge
    I have been using the same cell phone for over a year and it works fine. Good and clear reception on my conversations so it will stay in use.
  13. What is your other car?

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  14. My poor forte

    Sedan General Discussion
    Thats some major damage to the front end. Glad to see you are a person that wears a seatbelt. If not there would also be damage to the windshield where your head bounce off or went through. I would not be surprise if they do not total the vehicle. Plan to buy the same color?
  15. Kia Lion Badge

    Sedan Body Kits and Appearance
    That badge would leave people trying to guess who the manufacture of your vehicle is. I bet they would think it was European built. I would definitely contact the company and ask them to clarify the below information on the emblem. 2. Product characteristics - A product is made to Urethane...