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  1. 2019+ section please

    Site News
    Look forward to a 2019+ section (y)
  2. Forte 2019 possible transmission issue

    Noobie questions forum.
    I've noticed that the IVT can take some getting used to, especially in low speed situations as well. It definitely drives a bit differently than a conventional automatic. I've found that having the drive mode in normal/smart versus sport makes a big positive difference in slow and stop/go...
  3. Question about HID Issues

    Kia Forte Lighting
    There are no OEM LED "bulbs" for the 2019+ Forte. It's a complete LED lighting enclosure that is not user serviceable. So BTW, when they eventually burn out, you have to replace the entire headlight. But hopefully that won't be for many many years. I haven't compared the 2019+ Forte...
  4. Can heated steering wheel be added to USA 2019+ Forte?

    Sedan General Discussions
    Does anyone have a friend at a Kia parts dealership, especially perhaps in Canada, that can check if the leather steering wheel on a USA Kia Forte EX is the same part number as the steering wheel on a Canadian Kia Forte EX that has a heated steering wheel? From what I understand, the heated...
  5. Best source for parts diagrams and descriptions?

    Do-It-Yourself Articles
    For most of the other makes of vehicles I have owned, there either were CD/DVD parts & service manuals one could obtain, or good online references or parts vendors one could use to research the entire parts catalog to get part numbers, see assembly diagrams, and compare part changes and options...
  6. Hello from PR

    New Member Introductions
    Interesting, you should post a photo showing the badge since it is unique to that market.
  7. Hello from PR

    New Member Introductions
    Interesting, just curious, I wonder what is specific and unique about the Puerto Rico KR package?
  8. Fuel consumption

    Sedan General Discussion
    I'll have to check out this advice. I assumed the IVT had the car in the optimum "gear" (CVT pulley/belt ratio) when cruising on the highway, just as with many traditional automatics having an overdrive gear and torque converter lockup mode for efficiency. At only about 1800 miles on the...
  9. 2020 GT Cold Air Intake?

    Performance Modifications
    I agree completely, and is why I asked the leading question above about whether the Forte already has an OEM "cold air" intake... ;) Don't get me wrong though, I have and still do some things for fun and aesthetics that in reality likely offer no functional benefit or maybe are even mildly...
  10. Please use the signature function - it helps in answering questions

    Community Help
    Please consider setting up your forum signature to include the model, trim level and year of your vehicle at the very least. When someone posts asking for assistance or advice for their car, one of the first questions that come to mind is which model (coupe, sedan, hatch), trim level (LX, EX...
  11. Please tell me this isn't happening- CVT!

    Noobie questions forum.
    Thanks for the helpful link, and although there are some concerning posts, they seem consistent with the 2018 Forte, and even the 2018 & 2019 Honda Civic, with the 2018 Civic actually surprisingly having quite a few more reported issues. Who knows if that comparison is significant as only...
  12. Kia Forte Autocrossing

    Koup Pictures and Videos
    Great way to get to know the capabilities and limits of your car..... and have some fun! The Forte definitely holds its own in the looks department alongside some of those other competitors.
  13. Please tell me this isn't happening- CVT!

    Noobie questions forum.
    Although clearly not enough time has passed for any long term durability assessment, the new IVT has been on the market for over a year now and so far there haven't been any reports of issues. Let's hope it stays that way. Kia seems to be very proud of this new transmission, so we can hope...
  14. 2019+ spoiler brake light

    Kia Forte Lighting
    I think it would be great to have a higher mounted 3rd stop light on the 2019+ like this, but it's hard to tell from the photos: 1) How does one run the wires inside the car and connect to the existing harness for a clean factory appearance, OEM quality weather proofing and durability? 2) Is...
  15. Differences in two Remote Start accessories options - Key versus Push Button

    Forte Audio, Video and Electronics
    Well, the Kia remote start kit can be had for a bit less than $400, which for me borders on reasonable considering it is made specifically to fit the car, but agree that is pretty expensive. If I were looking for that functionality I'd pay a little extra for an OEM solution. But I guess it...
  16. Add a 2019+ section

    Community Help
    I look forward to a 2019+ section, especially now that the model is into its second year. I'm sure a lot of topics specific to the 2019+ are going to start picking up in frequency. My only thoughts are to keep it simple, versus multiple sub-forums that make it hard to find topics or get...
  17. How will Kia Forte perform with high mileage?

    Sedan General Discussion
    Great mileage numbers! Our 2005 Honda Pilot just hit 225,000 recently, and we have high hopes for the 2019 Forte to reach similar numbers :)
  18. 2019+ Forte Puddle Light Kit availability?

    Kia Forte Lighting
    I looked under the Forte and didn't see any cutouts available for the puddle light kit. So at this point it doesn't appear that the puddle light kit is an option for the 2019+ Forte.
  19. 2019+ Forte ?

    Sedan General Discussions
    Add my vote to creating a 2019+ Forte section. In my opinion, just keep it simple, a single forum as it is hard to dig through various sub-forums for topics that have already been covered, or to make sure your topic gets the attention it needs. There are already sub-forums for...
  20. Central brake light bar

    Kia Forte Lighting
    This might be a better link for the correct model...
1-20 of 35 Results