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  1. What ya think?

    Koup Body Kits and Appearance
    This thread is 6 years old. Pat.
  2. Caliper bracket bolts

    Forte Wheels & Tires
    Why do you need to replace these? they usually last the life of the car. I have replaced many things on cars over many years but never the bracket bolts. Pat.
  3. My next car(s) and questions

    Sedan General Discussions
    That's it in a nutshell. Pat.
  4. My next car(s) and questions

    Sedan General Discussions
    No matter what dealer you go to there will be a charge for the over mileage, you will be hit big time for the damage as they will have an over inflated estimate. I would advise you get damage repaired on your own dime. There is no way you are going to get an easy ride in leasing new cars. Just...
  5. Please tell me this isn't happening- CVT!

    Noobie questions forum.
    This good to know, I intend to buy a new Soul in another month or so and they now have the CVT. I was having a mixed reaction as CVTs I have experienced I was less than impressed with. Pat.
  6. 2016 Forte5 SX clunk in the front end

    Hatch General Discussions
    If you just bought a week ago take it back to where you bought it. Hard to speculate what the clunk would be without seeing the car, could a worn out endlink, broken spring, leaking strut to name a few. Pat.
  7. Stone chips front bumper

    Koup Body Kits and Appearance
    Probably around $500, you can get a new bumper cover painted and installed for between $1000 and $1200. Pat.
  8. Stone chips front bumper

    Koup Body Kits and Appearance
    Your info is way off, the chips are sanded out then primed, the old paint is certainly not stripped off, it is sanded to remove the gloss so that the new paint will adhere, and all paint is clear coated now whether metallic or not, the base colour is essentially flat and needs the clear coat for...
  9. Grinding After Rear Brake and Rotor Replacement...

    Do-It-Yourself Articles
    When you say you compressed the piston did you compress it with a C clamp or did you wind it back. Rear pistons have to be wound back in unlike the front which can be compressed Pat.
  10. 2020 Forte 5

    Forte Hatch Pictures and Video
    The Forte5 SX was as scarce as hens teeth even in Canada,my dealer in Ottawa had to get one for me from a dealer Toronto. My Dealer told me it was one of two at the time from coast to coast. Mine was a 2015 SX premium. Pat.
  11. "Miley" 2011 - 2019

    Site News
    You are a lucky guy to walk away basically injury free from what all accounts was a massive crash. This demonstrates the car did exactly what it was designed to do, it maintained the integrity of the passenger cell. Had you been driving one of the older large domestics you would have been in...
  12. Brake caliper rebuild. Need parts!

    Kia Forte 2.0L Engine Discussion
    Rebuilt calipers are relatively cheap, I wouldn't be bothered rebuilding. As for brake parts I Wouldn't buy at a breakers unless the wreck was nearly new. Pat.
  13. Oil Catch Can Install - 2.4L Theta II

    Performance Modifications
    Cripes was that car in a flood Pat.
  14. Sunroof shattered

    Koup General Discussion
    Comprehensive does not affect your safe driving status like collision does, all it will cost is your deductible this is why you have insurance after all. Pat.
  15. Rear wiper blade delete kit for '15 forte5 sx

    Hatch General Discussions
    I would also ask the question why would you delete the rear wiper? having owned a 2015 Forte SX I know from experience in dirty weather it is almost impossible to keep the rear glass clean. The car sucks an inordinate amount of dirt onto the back of the car. It always amazes me that car owners...
  16. Trade in opinion

    Sedan General Discussions
    In my opinion the fact that you have owned the car from new and know how it was maintained versus a used car you know nothing about a no brainer. Pat.
  17. Trade in opinion

    Sedan General Discussions
    Well one advantage is you have had the car from new and know how it has been maintained, you obviously agreed on the buy out at the beginning of lease therefore you don't have much negotiating leverage. What are similar cars in your area selling for? Another positive is you really like the car...
  18. Trade in opinion

    Sedan General Discussions
    Do not ever turn a lease car back that's in need of repairs to the body, you are further ahead to get it repaired yourself, if you leave it up to the lease company they will get it repaired, and you can be sure they will hose you. They usually get it repaired as cheaply as possible and then tack...

    Interior & Exterior FS
    Bump I still have the redline hood strut kit for sale, gets rid of the annoying hood prop. Will install kit for a local buyer. Pat.
  20. Brake fluid change @ 32k miles

    Sedan General Discussions
    I agree this is a blatant rip off. Changing brake fluid if needed is well within the scope of a competent DIY, I would be hesitant to change brake fluid on a car that is only 9 months old even though you have 32k miles on the ODO. Pat.
1-20 of 471 Results