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General Information

- Cerato/Forte GT From Down Under
- 2019
- Cerato
- GT
- Platinum Graphite
Hello, member from Sydney Australia. After shopping around after my Audi A3 died, I found the car to be excellent value considering it had all the features I was looking for such as leather seats, LED headlights, turbo, sat-nav, reverse camera, folding mirrors, etc. Granted it's no hot hatch, but it provides just enough power and response to make driving fun when you need it.

I'm a modder by nature, but since this is a daily driver and I'll be putting a lot of km's on it, I decided to keep the mods to a minimum. It helps that this latest generation Cerato/Forte is so new that not a lot of aftermarket parts are available yet. Let me know if you'd like me to go into detail on any of the following. Let my mistakes help in preventing your own:

* Exhaust
  • Quad tip axle back muffler (custom fabricated)
* Suspension
  • Eibach lowering springs
* Lighting
  • All lights replaced with LED's (signal, trunk, interior, rego, foglights, reverse)
* Wheels
  • 19x8.5 Hussla dark chrome wheels
  • 235/35-19 Continental SportContact5 tires
* Cosmetics
  • 15% ceramic window tint
  • Aftermarket boot lid spoiler
  • Rear window visor
  • Vinyl wrapped: red accent on rear diffuser, red accents on front grille, rear panel
  • Black/carbon fiber K badges
  • Vinyl wrapped lower interior doors
* Misc
  • K&N Panel Filter
  • Throttle controller








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Hi! I have a '19 LX and the fitment on your wheels is amazing. Are those 19x8.5 +40? Also, did you do anything aside from the eibach lowering springs?
Yes, that's a good eye you got. I believe I ended up with +45mm offset as I didn't want to risk rubbing nor having to roll the fenders. And sure enough, no rubbing so it was a good decision.

My last two cars I ended up going with coilovers as it provides more control over the ride height, but this time around I couldn't do my research in time before getting the Eibachs.

I asked every single seller and they could not confirm that coilovers for the previous generation nor any other Kia or Hyundai application could fit (I later found out that the suspension for the Hyundai Elantra 2015+ AD will fit this generation Cerato/Forte).

So in the end I just settled for the Eibach springs, which were a +40mm front and back, although to me it was more +40mm front and about +30-35mm rear. But this evened out the front and rear fender gap.

Sorry, I digress. To answer your question, the Eibach lowering springs are the only thing I've done to the suspension.