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General Information

Forte Koup EX
Titanium Silver
ECOminder, power sunroof
Second owner. Car was originally bought as a back and forth car for the guy's son. Apparently the son didn't like the car, or cars in general...I don't know. But good for me, I got a great deal on it with only 29,000 miles. It has the ECOminder package, and the only other option was a power sunroof for $700. 16" alloy wheels, pewter gray to match the car.

Modifications coming soon.

The picture of the car with the black wheels is the most recent one I have, but it looks like crap because winter in NY and salted roads (salt, salt EVERYWHERE).
2010 Kia Forte Koup EX (Titanium Silver)


MOST UP TO DATE (1/23/2016):

-Modified stock intake (see picture): Just took my "AutoZone Special" (you know, the kind that adds like 1000+ HP bro) cone filter from my shitty DIY short ram, shoe horned and screw clamped it on to the end of the stock intake tube, removed the upper half of the stock airbox and shoved 'er down into the lower half with zip ties a la Roadkill. Induction noise rebounds inside the box and pulls cold air from the stock ram air scoop thing on top of the rad mount. More exotic tone in the upper range, CVVT crossover is very audible and just feels more responsive. I'm happy.

-Muffler Delete: Had a shop cut out the muffler, remove stock tip from muffler, and weld pipe between tailpipe and stock tip. $80, 20 minutes. Deeper tone and sounds like thunder under a bridge. Forget performance mufflers, just cut it off but leave the resonator in if you don't want raspyness. Oh, and soon I'll be putting in a manual, cable-operated cutout between the 1st and 2nd cats (2nd has no O2 sensors therefore is not important). Yay loudness.

-Some kind of aftermarket spark plugs: Don't remember what kind I got, it was like 5 or 6 months ago. All I know is they made the acceleration a lot smoother and no pinging.

Also painted the engine cover. Silver metal flake spray, 3 coats. Hand brushed the letters with red acrylic, 1 coat. Eventually will touch up and then clear and polish. Notice around the oil fill there's a little degradation in the paint—that's from the heat of the engine and the sagging hood liner rubbing on the cover. It's literally the dumbest thing—it's held up with those plastic pins on one side but NOT the other, so it sags on one side. Time to drill holes and pin, very carefully. WHY KIA, WHY??

****Feel free to view below for historical purposes, but I'm going all Disney Star Wars, so the stuff below is no longer canon. Some of it may still be true but for the most recent set up just view above.****

Update 10/30/2015: Took the car to a reputable exhaust shop and had them cut out the stock muffler and weld a straight pipe between the tailpipe and stock tip. Still have primary and secondary cats as well as the stock resonator. Sounds great, not terribly loud unless you go balls to the wall. And the decel spackle down from 5 grand in 2nd with all of the popping sends chills down the spine. Underpasses and tunnels are your friends with this mod. Also seems slightly faster from 80-100 in 3rd.

Update 9/23/2015:
I've had it for a while but Spectre Short Ram solely for sound purposes. SKL Motorworks KL-PRO1 programmer coming soon. UPDATE 1/19/2016: Short ram has been out since November or so. So short that it was sucking hot air close to the engine, lost power/mileage. Stock intake back in while I save for a TK CAI. Sounds better and faster with the stock intake, but CVVT crossover is inaudible now :( Also scrapped plans for the KL-PRO1. Will properly tune car when turbo'd, along with larger injectors.

Update 6/8/2015: Did the "Best Throttle Mod Ever" mod. Adjusted the accelerator contact plate to eliminate the DBW dead spot. Dead spot is gone, with greatly improved throttle response, but doesn't seem to pull as hard until the VVT kicks in. So I have a kind of valley in the 3000-5000 RPM range. I'm not going to readjust the pedal, though. I have it dialed for excellent throttle response and that's what I wanted. Just going to improve rotational efficiency from this point. I've got some money coming my way pretty soon so I can still save a lot, pay my bills and have enough left over for the Road Race Motorsports (RRM) lightweight crank pulley. The price is right at $150 and an easy mod to do with little headache. After that, I'll swing over to the other side, go for a lightweight flywheel and then I'll really open up rev capability.


-Road Race Motorsports (RRM) CNC machined Lightweight Crank Pulley
-Short Ram Intake
-Dual exhaust with Super 44 mufflers. Completely unnecessary? Of course. But cool looking and sounding? Absolutely!
LED door catch plates. Have them, not currently installed but will be soon. Designing a whole system for them, will be powered from taillights so they'll come on with all the interior lights as well.
MOST UP TO DATE (1/23/2016):

-Hand painted stock calipers, red.
-No longer have fogs. Staggered LED fog set up in the works.
-H11B to H11 conversion also coming very soon. I have the harnesses and spade connectors. Just ordered 4200k Silverstar ZXEs last night. So when those get here I'll put it all together.
-4 ft. CB whip still on trunk lid.

****Non-canonical information****

Stock calipers brush painted with high heat paint. Forgot the name of the paint, but I do remember for a pint it was about $25. Only used about 1/4 of the can to do all 4 calipers.

Standard 55 watt halogen fogs mounted behind the grille in the lower valance. 12v to switch in dash (factory location (mine is an EX without fact. fogs, switch is next to Trac Control button), standard automotive illuminated switch), positive lead to battery, ground to bolt holding in the plastic lower radiator cover.

4 ft. CB whip, mag mount on trunk lid.
MOST UP TO DATE (1/23/16):

Car is basically stock on this end. The only in-car entertainment equipment I have is as follows:

-RadioShack TRC-503 Citizen Band Transceiver, double-sided tape mounted to dash on top of clock

-TomTom VIA1515TM GPS with a lot of cool functions, suction cup mounted to windshield

I really like my stock head unit, but I also really like a double din setup. Decisions, decisions....

******Forget all of this junk below here******

Cobra 29LTD Classic 11 meter Citizen Band (CB) transceiver. In car, but not mounted. Still working on that.

Update 6/8/2015: Problems with the Cobra have led me to mount my old, reliable 1976 Sharp CB500uB CB transceiver. Only a 23 channel as opposed to the Cobra's 40, and has much less adjustment and modulation, but gets the job done. Zip tied temporarily under the dash in the driver's footwell.

Update 10/30/2015: Both the Cobra 29 and the Sharp have kicked the bucket. Picking up a never-opened RadioShack mini 40 channel tomorrow. No PA function unfortunately but at least I'll be able to get back on the airwaves. Been too long.
Wheel and Tire
Stock 16" alloys, plastidipped black with red brake calipers. Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring tires. 205/55R/16 all the way around.



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