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2010 forte koup sx

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    On my old Launch CRP123 OBD2 scanner I never got any other DTC's/Codes other than bank 1 manifold runner stuck (VCMA). Sold it to pawnshop. Saw the Autel Maxicheck MX807 ODB2 Professional scanner at $200.00. More expensive from Autel site. I factory reset, updated it then plugged it in my...
  2. 2010 forte sx photis from across the midwest

    My current driver, thinking about turning into a project/weekend car. Previous owner cut the springs ?
  3. 20190808_155312.jpg


    Aftermarket backup camera install.
  4. 20190817_223536.jpg


    2010 Forte Koup SX backup camera install. + (tan with orange stripe). - (black with white dashes).