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  1. Koup General Discussion
    Hi, I'm sorry if it has been asked before but I tried looking this up and couldn't find it on here, or in the repair manual that I have. I'm working on a 2011 2.4l Koup (manual) and I can't find the spec for the 2 bolts that connect the bracket to the engine body (the bracket that links into...
  2. Koup General Discussion
    hello. I bought a 2011 kia forte koup with a blown 2.0 liter engine. I was looking into replacing the engine and was wondering how hard it would be to swap in a 2.4. I have the 6 speed manual transmission with it and I think that the trans should go with any engine but I'm not sure about it. is...
  3. Kia Forte 2.4L Engine Discussion
    Newbie here with a question. Hello everyone. 2012 SX with the 2.4L VIN Eighth digit is a 3. Do we have a resident expert on this engine? What are the recommendations for rod bearings? KING SEALED POWER HASTINGS DNJ The rod journals are at 0.020" (0.5mm). Thanks in advance.
  4. Koup General Discussion
    My 2013 2.4L keeps on blowing an ignition fuse when I'm driving. I don't know what's blowing it. High RPMs wont blow it. It sounds odd but it wont blow if I load down the engine. It randomly just blows, no given time. Its also only when I'm driving. Anybody had this problem or know what's the...
1-4 of 4 Results