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  1. Forte Wheels & Tires
    I bought the car recently and I am in love with it. I've been looking for different styles of wheels and color combos, but I want to see what wheel specs work for this car on different fitment looks. If anyone has any aftermarket wheels that they have on their car that they like to share I...
  2. Forte Wheels & Tires
    I own a 2010 Koup Sx 2.4L. Turns out I have 2 bent rims which I would ideally like to replace just the 2 with the same factory rim. Buying them new is way too expensive and I’m having trouble finding used or refurbished ones. I’m thinking that buying a set of aftermarket rims might be the better...
  3. Forte Wheels & Tires
    Howdy everyone, I’m looking for a new set of wheels and I really like the ESR SR06. I was wondering if 18x8.5 30mm will fit my 2010 Kia Forte koup ex. Will it be a flush fit or will they stick out too much
1-4 of 4 Results