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  1. Sedan Body Kits and Appearances
    As you get older, you tend to prefer the OEM style of your car more. You're no longer interested in all these huge spoilers, side skirts, wide bodies, etc. You appreciate the original design of the car as intented by the manufacturer. You're becoming too old for this sh... In the same time...
  2. Sedan General Discussion
    For some reason "full" LED package which comes with GT-Line trim is not... Completely full. There are some places where Kia decided to save some money and use "classic" halogen bulbs instead of LEDs. And they are not so expensive to replace. So I decided to do that. First, all my previous...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Disclaimer I'm not a professional writer and my English may not be perfect. A couple of month ago, I moved from Ukraine to US. In Ukraine, I used to write a blog on automotive social network about my cars and all the modifications I made on them. I'm not sure if US have an analog of such a...
1-3 of 3 Results