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  1. Kia Forte 2.0L Engine Discussion
    Hey guys, not sure if this is already been posted, but I’ve been reading a lot about the ticking noise coming from 2011 fortes. My story same as the rest of yours, heard the engine start to tick, take to mechanic, he tells you the car needs a new engine, Kia won’t do anything because it’s a...
  2. Kia Forte 2.0L Engine Discussion
    Every website said these cars are very reliable. Great review rating. So when I saw an EX with just under 100k for sale for $3k I thought it was a decent value. Test drove it. Everything runs perfectly. Clutch is fantastic. I pay for it. Drive it home. Super excited to start driving this car...
  3. Kia Forte 2.0L Engine Discussion
    As I mention in the video description in the video link I will add to this post, I have no idea what the issue is with my engine. It's been making this ticking noise for a very long time, gotten much worse lately and there seems to be no definitive answer on what causes this noise. I have seen...
1-3 of 3 Results