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  1. Kia Forte Lighting
    I was just wondering if anyone knew where the DRL ACC fuse is on a 2019-2022 LXS? I purchased a hood LED strip 12v voltage, current 10A and the instructions are telling me to connect it to the DRL ACC but I can not find it to save my life. Any help would be VERY appreciated.
  2. Koup General Discussions
    I'm pretty new to wiring and I don't currently have a multimeter to test. Does anyone happen to know which side of the fuse has power in the Forte Koup? I'm trying to add a fuse to the cigarette lighter but don't want to put the fuse in the wrong orientation and damage anything. If anyone knows...
  3. Koup General Discussion
    My 2013 2.4L keeps on blowing an ignition fuse when I'm driving. I don't know what's blowing it. High RPMs wont blow it. It sounds odd but it wont blow if I load down the engine. It randomly just blows, no given time. Its also only when I'm driving. Anybody had this problem or know what's the...
  4. Sedan General Discussions
    My horn rear windows door locks and interior dome lights are not working I've checked the fuse panel and some of the ports are not getting power the fuses are fine where do I look next there's a fuse panel in the engine compartment with larger fuses or relays which one handles the power for my...
  5. Kia Forte (2014+) 2.0L GDI Engine Discussion
    The battery in my Forte 2015 has a parasitic drain at around 1 ampere (measured with multi-meter at battery negative pole connection). All electronics, lights, fans, doors were shut down when I took the measurement. By pulling out the fuses in under-hood fuse box, I was able to trace the...
  6. Koup General Discussion
    I have a 2010 kia forte with a parasitic power drain (multimeter in series on the negative battery terminal). I have traced a .24 amps power drain to the Room LP and Audio Fuses that pull together. I tested each fuse separately and each one was drawing power. I am thinking that there is a short...
1-6 of 6 Results