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  1. Noobie questions forum.
    Just wanted to ask if anyone has tried switch there headunit touch screen to the 2022 10.25 inch model. It looks like it should be fit, not sure about the dimensions.
  2. Forte Audio, Video and Electronics
    Hello I'm owner of 2015 Kia forte ex sedan I'm thinking od ordering this kapud head unit Anyone had Heard of It, or have insight od its good?
  3. Forte Audio, Video and Electronics
    Hello all! I'm brand new to this forum but I thought I'd join to get info from fellow Forte owners! So I bought a '21 Forte EX and it comes with the premium Harmon Kardon system; 8 speakers, a 320 watt amp and a sub. I bought a head unit from ali express (TEYES SPRO Plus For Kia Cerato 4 2018...
  4. Forte Audio, Video and Electronics
    I have a rather basic 2017 Forte LX and have found some ‘17 Forte S head units on eBay (with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto) and was wondering if anyone knew if that was a plug-n-play drop in replacement or not. The mounting hardware locations appear to be the same, and I believe I just need a new...
1-4 of 4 Results