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  1. Sedan General Discussion
    I just found out that block heaters do not come standard on Kia vehicles and it is almost always an added "accessory" at the dealership. My local dealership sells the block heater for about $90. I'm hoping someone here can point me in the right direction of a guide on how to install it...
  2. Sedan Body Kits and Appearances
    Hello All :) I need your help. I need for my KIA Forte 2017 front Windshield. Can you tell me what windshields will be good with good price?
  3. Noobie questions forum.
    Was getting a p0420 code starting Jan 2021, I replaced upstream O2 per recommendation and ran some treatment through fuel to clean cat, codes went away car drive fine, sept 2021 car ran fine went and got fuel came home car ran fine, next day cranked to go to work temp was 70-75 in Texas and got...
  4. Forte Audio, Video and Electronics
    I bought a Kia forte 2013 imported from korean and the navigation system all in Korean I uploaded the model pic if anyone can help me
  5. Sedan General Discussion
    Any videos on the sound of it on the GT? Looking for more sound. I would go muffler delete but it gets too loud after 4k RPM. Side question: (May be stupid but I'm learning) On the Cat-back system, they show 2 resonators. I have seen the one in the mid pipe but not the other one. Is the other...
  6. Sedan General Discussion
    I was Looking at the Flowmaster 10 Series But that's not quite what the shop needs in order to build the exhaust the way I want them to. The attached picture is about what I'm looking for at about the same size and sound level of the Flowmaster.
  7. Noobie questions forum.
    Hey everyone, So my 2010 2.0l forte w/ around 110k on it has been making an awful sound for a while now. I'd say around around 6-7 months tbh. It seems to be located around the left side of the engine (by the accessory drive area) and it is like a whirring or droning noise. This noise...
  8. Sedan General Discussions
    I had quick discharge issues with my battery for a week, ended up replacing it but now my radios not working. 2014 Kia Forte LX, the buttons and knobs glow red like normal but no response from the screen and no sound. Dealerships are not much help here either, they say check the multimedia fuses...
  9. New Member Introductions
    Got a new Forte GT at the end of January and have been loving it so far! Only trouble I've had with it is a rattling type of noise that seems to come from the shifter area at higher RPM's. If anyone has had any experience/success in dealing with this issue on this type of gear box I would really...
  10. Kia Forte Lighting
    Good Evening Everyone- We have a 2017 Kia Forte and this is the 4th time in 4 months that a headlight has blown out. Has anyone had this issue? I'm worried there is a short in the electrical system and i don't know if there is a fix. Does anyone have any suggestions? Of course, if i go to...
  11. Sedan General Discussion
    I changed my alternator recently and when i put everything back together the next day my engine light came on. I'm getting codes P0106 and P0661 which both have to do with voltage problems. Shown below. When putting back together everything is double checked and all sensors are plugged back in...
1-11 of 11 Results