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  1. Noobie questions forum.
    Few days ago I started my 2014 kia forte and the rpm's stayed at 0 while revving the engine. Tried driving around but it wouldn't go pass 20mph. It happened 2 other times since and both times it turned over on the second try. Today while sitting idle it completely stalled. Took 3 tries for it to...
  2. Kia Forte 2.0L Engine Discussion
    I have a 2012 Kia Forte ex 137km. When I start it up it is usually rough like the rpm will hesitate and go up then drop to about 500. Sometimes it will fluctuate and once it even went to 0 and stalled. But the car runs smooth it’s only rough on startups. Does anyone know what it can be because...
  3. Sedan General Discussions
    Hey I'm new here and a new owner of a '16 Kia forte LX, 35.8k miles on it, DOHC 16v engine. This car seems to vibrate quite a bit at idle which may be normal for these cars? I know some vibration is normal but it feels like a little more than the normal amount. It's not a violent shake though...
1-3 of 3 Results