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  1. Sedan General Discussions
    Hi everyone! Have owned this 2016 Lx for about a year. Recently after some flooding, some water got into my fog lights and the bulbs blew. I got 2 new waterproof ones and they never have turned on. Is there a fuse I should check?
  2. Koup General Discussions
    Can someone help diagnose what could be wrong. Feels like misfire, the vibration from the steering wheel feels like misfire but it's not actually misfiring, it sounds like it is coming from drive train. Doesn't happen when super light in acceleration, only when driving normal or faster. For a...
  3. Kia Forte News and Reviews
    Bought my 20 Forte EX new this March. AC has been making a weird wheezing sound when AC in use, kind of like there’s something stuck in the vents. Brought it in to service and they said nothing was wrong with the unit. Recently the AC randomly does not come on. It takes a while for it to start...
1-3 of 3 Results