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  1. Kia Forte News and Reviews
    Hello, has anyone upgraded their exhaust system on their Kia Forte GT, and if so, was wondering if you can give me a couple recommendations so I can see how they sound on youtube and upgrade mine. I have already air intake. Thank you.
  2. Kia Forte News and Reviews
    Hello, does anyone know where I can buy the backwards k special logo to replace the new "Kia" logo? I purchased from Amazon and found out it was too small. I have a 2023 Forte. Thank you.
  3. Kia Forte Motorsports
    Hello, I bought Eibach Springs from Panda Motorworks and was wondering if lowering the suspension would void the warranty? My salesperson said it could, but wanted to see if anyone had experience first, before I do it. Also, do the newer Kia Forte GT's have a lot of suspension problems?
  4. Noobie questions forum.
    I have KIA FORTE 2010 2.0 Automatic. 2 months ago started to have this problem it's break the ECU 1 (10A) fuse my personal mechanic checked it and found that somehow H2O sensors were causing, but now it's breaking even with the car off. Would some one help me with the electric diagrams for this...
  5. Kia Forte News and Reviews
  6. Kia Forte News and Reviews
    The dealership is doing warranty work, new clutch replacement on my kia forte gt 2020 (76k miles) and had completed a multi inspection, resulting in apparently needing transmission fluid change, fuel system cleaning, coolant change. Originally I declined the transmission fluid change because...
  7. Kia Forte News and Reviews
    2020 kia Forte Gt / 76K Miles Im confused with DCT dos & donts, specifically dont creep on DCT, but I really dont see how that is possible in LA traffic and in general traffic at stop light or drive thru. How tf am I supposed to prevent creeping from happening? Is there a gear or method to...
  8. Kia Forte News and Reviews
    (( 2020 Kia Forte GT )) (76K Miles) My vehicle is at the dealership awaiting warranty work for DCT replacement. It was shuttering/shaking when starting up & pressing gas pedal slightly accelerating uphill & shaking at when pressing gas slightly to move in traffic bumper to bumper. Im not...
  9. New Member Introductions
    Disclaimer I'm not a professional writer and my English may not be perfect. A couple of month ago, I moved from Ukraine to US. In Ukraine, I used to write a blog on automotive social network about my cars and all the modifications I made on them. I'm not sure if US have an analog of such a...
  10. Noobie questions forum.
    Hello from Jersey to all you Kiamunity people out there. I'm Noob here and am turning to the group in desperate times. I'm hoping I can catch the attention of the "been there, done that" members that will help build a thread on (1.) Links to websites including, but not limited to: ---...
  11. Intakes, Exhausts, & Headers FS
    Borla axle back exhaust for 2019-21 Kia Forte. Used for a little under 5,000 miles. Link to the sound below 👇
    $425 USD
  12. U.S. South East
    Is anyone interested in buying a borla s- type axle back exhaust off of me for $425 plus shipping? Used for about 5000 miles.
  13. Noobie questions forum.
    Hi! I own a 2011 Kia Forte 2.0L and it has about 115,000 miles on it. For the past year it has been jerking backwards sometimes when I accelerate and the check engine light will turn on after and the engine will start being super rough if I’m not going forward or if I try to accelerate. I...
  14. Kia Forte 2.0L Engine Discussion
    Hi folks, Curious what mpg other are getting. Have a 2011 Kia Forte Ex with Eco mode. The 13.7gallon fuel capacity gets me just over 400km in the city, and around 700km on the highway. My daily commute is under 10km which may be the biggest drag on performance. Should I be concerned?
  15. Koup General Discussion
    hi, I recently bought a 2011 kia forte koup with the 2.0 engine. I bought the car with a knock and when I pulled the engine and took off the valve cover I found that my camshafts where rusting in a few places, what look to be like a misting of water on the cams and thick milky oil built up in...
  16. Koup General Discussion
    Hello! This is my first post and hope someone can help me. Yesterday I tried to star my car in the morning but it looked like the battery was dead, the car wouldn’t start and I heard kind of an electrical noice but nothing happened. The dashboard lights just slightly dimmed. Also I noticed the...
  17. Do-It-Yourself Articles
    hello all, new guy here. Just got my 2018 forte 3 weeks ago and unfortunately had an incident with a bird that broke my side mirror (the led one). The lamp is still working so I am kind of looking only for the plastic thing. any idea where I can find one? I am in North Vancouver, BC
  18. Performance Mod's
    Hi there, Downpipe being delivered in a few weeks and trying to find out how easy or difficult it is to install one. Can it be accessed easily? Or is there a guide that demonstrates the process? I will be getting a professional to do the installation, although none around me have done it to any...
  19. Forte Wheels & Tires
1-20 of 25 Results