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  1. Koup General Discussion
    I am starting a build thread for my Koup. I have posted two other threads previously one for an exhaust and another for a short shifter I installed. So I thought it would be a good idea to start my own sort of build thread for the projects I do with it. I'll link the two previous threads here...
  2. Performance Modifications
    Just finished installing a short shifter for my Koup. It makes a huge difference! Most of the play has been removed and the travel has been cut in about half. It also removes the hugeeee travel from 4th to 5th and 5th to 6th. I did take photos during the uninstallation However not so much during...
  3. Koup General Discussion
    I just recently got the SX-R Package exhaust installed on my car. I will have photos up soon. I wasn't able to take photo's during the install because I had to take it to the shop since the previous owner must have had an exhaust leak right where the axle back meets the mid-pipe, at the flange...
  4. Performance Modifications
    I have been looking at the megan racing cat back and the cat back for my 2010 koup sx. I am working on a bit of a budget since this is my first car but I have a bit of money saved up to do a couple things. I was going to pull the trigger on the megan one but I am worried it might...
  5. Performance Modifications
    I was looking at getting a front strut bar for my 2010 koup sx. I've seen the Ultra Racing one, AEM, and ARK Performance once but I was wondering is there really any big difference between them? Would one be better then another or could I just base my decision on whatever one I like the most...
  6. New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone I'm new around here so I thought i'd introduce myself. I actually bought picked up this car back in May but now I am looking to maybe start modding so I thought the forums would be a good place to look. Anyways here's my car!
  7. Koup General Discussions
    I'm pretty new to wiring and I don't currently have a multimeter to test. Does anyone happen to know which side of the fuse has power in the Forte Koup? I'm trying to add a fuse to the cigarette lighter but don't want to put the fuse in the wrong orientation and damage anything. If anyone knows...
  8. Noobie questions forum.
    I don't know of that's the right word for it but im talking about the black, plastic pieces you can pop off with a knife. Specifically the panel on the top of the steering wheel. Shown below:
  9. Koup General Discussions
    Ok so a little background, I am in no ways a mechanic or engineer. I am a tinkerer and a hobbyist and I am trying to learn about car modding. My first project is to install a DIY Boost gauge on my 2014 Forte Koup SX. To achieve this I plan to use an Arduino and a pressure sensor to measure...
  10. Koup General Discussion
    Hey guys, I’ve recently turned into a father so my 2010 forte KOUP sx will unfortunately have to go. It’s been great to me and hasn’t had many problem, but over the last year it seems it took a turn for the worst. muffler detached at the connection point, gas leak from the tank itself, cracked...
  11. Kia Forte 2.4L Engine Discussion
    Kia is recalling 295,000 US vehicles because of engine fire risks
  12. Koup General Discussion
    2010 Kia Forte Koup SX Manual 6-speed My AC button seems to be stuck in one position as it has no press, the light comes on and it is functional when turning it on MAX AC or Turning it to the window defroster and pressing the circulation button 5 times. but the Button is non functional. I...
  13. Koup General Discussion
    Hello. New here and I was hoping to get a few answers on my issue. I have a 2013 Forte Koup SX with a rear spoiler and neither the window brake light or the spoiler light work. I noticed the plug for the window light was completely removed and the spoiler light was wired into that. Is there a...
  14. Noobie questions forum.
    Hello, I've had my 2011 Koup for about a couple of months now, and I really don't know if it is an SX or EX. Are there any specific things I need to look for to distinguish it? Thanks!
  15. Koup General Discussion
    There are lots of parts for the Kia on eBay Particularly from salvage yards who always want more and also parts sellers located in Korea. I’ve had the best luck buying directly from the sellers located in South Korea because the parts are cheaper. But sometimes the parts can be cheaper in the...
  16. Koup General Discussion
    My 2015 Forte koup basic mods
1-16 of 16 Results