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  1. For Sale & Trade Items
    Traded my 2020 Forte GT DCT in for a 21 mustang back in April. I have a Lap3 93 octane tuned ECU up for grabs. This was by far the best tuned ecu that I've ever put in a vehicle. You will need to run mx45xl plugs and 5w 40 synthetic oil with this tune as well as 93 octane. I have a set of plugs...
    $425 USD
  2. Performance Modifications
    Just have a question about the lap3 chips working on a first gen Forte that you can get on Kia Optimas, stingers, etc. because I have seen the horsepower gains that they can provide and would really like to try it on the Forte. There is a lap3 chip meant for the 2.0t Kia Optima and I believe the...
1-2 of 2 Results