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  1. Koup General Discussion
    I just recently got the SX-R Package exhaust installed on my car. I will have photos up soon. I wasn't able to take photo's during the install because I had to take it to the shop since the previous owner must have had an exhaust leak right where the axle back meets the mid-pipe, at the flange...
  2. Noobie questions forum.
    Hi everyone I have a Kia Forte lxs 2020 and I been trying to search all throughout the web for mods on this car but I can barely find any. So far I have a CAI by AEM and I deleted my res and mufflers with some aftermarket tips. I’m trying to get a strut bar for the motor, some new wheels since I...
  3. Sedan General Discussion
    Purchased an AEM air intake from PandaMotorWork "AEM COLD AIR INTAKE SYSTEM 2019-2020 Veloster, 2020 Kia Forte GT". Well worth the money, amazing performance boost and awesome sound.
  4. Sedan General Discussion
    Hey guys, got the 2019 Forte LXS about a year ago and I would like to improve the all around driving performance. Anybody have any suggestions for starting aftermarket parts? Glad to be able to communicate with other Forte owners who have more current knowledge about the car.
  5. Sedan General Discussion
    Any videos on the sound of it on the GT? Looking for more sound. I would go muffler delete but it gets too loud after 4k RPM. Side question: (May be stupid but I'm learning) On the Cat-back system, they show 2 resonators. I have seen the one in the mid pipe but not the other one. Is the other...
  6. Noobie questions forum.
    2020 Forte GT Manual (Fire Orange) Performance: LAP3 Swappable ECU Tune. Exhaust - No clue. I only want to change the muffler to make it more aggressive. Any ideas on a more freely flowing muffler that will fit the car? Looks: Replacing KIA emblem with Broken K (Blacked out) Replacing FORTE...
  7. Performance Modifications
    Heyo forum people, Just starting to get into cars so I’m kinda new at this, but want to perform better on the street with my buddies and just have a good time. so far I’ve done axle back exhaust mods led headlight upgrade wheels and tires blackout emblems and badge delete brake calipers and...
  8. Sedan General Discussion
    Hey everyone I've recently purchased a 2020 GT and I'm having a very hard time finding mods for it. The main thing I'm looking for is a Blow off plate (the boomba BOV is a little to expensive for me) and an intake as well. Maybe some other cool little stuff yall would recommend. Please post some...
1-8 of 8 Results