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  1. Kia Forte 2.4L Engine Discussion
    Disclaimer: I know the P200A code was big deal for these cars and there are tons of posts about it, but with the following replacement I wanted to ask specific to my situation. Okay, so I have a 2011 Forte SX. 3ish years ago got the CEL, ran a code and got the P200A code, everything I read at...
  2. Noobie questions forum.
    Howdy! Hopefully someone can help me here, as I'm about at my wits end trying to track down a part number (if it even exists). 2010 Forte 4D 6 spd SX 2.4L Issue: Code P200A Measures Taken: Removed the VCM to inspect it, and upon removing the VCM, I noticed a little round black coupler of sorts...
1-2 of 2 Results