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  1. Forte Audio, Video and Electronics
    Hello all! I'm brand new to this forum but I thought I'd join to get info from fellow Forte owners! So I bought a '21 Forte EX and it comes with the premium Harmon Kardon system; 8 speakers, a 320 watt amp and a sub. I bought a head unit from ali express (TEYES SPRO Plus For Kia Cerato 4 2018...
  2. Car Audio & Navigation FS
    So I was wondering if anyone knew of a way for me to connect an android device to the usb port in my car and have it play the audio. I don't have the UVO system and flashdrives and my iPhone connect with no issue, but I have an DAC that is android based that I would love to be able to connect...
  3. Forte Audio, Video and Electronics
    I just bought a 2020 Forte LXS and have started to notice the volume randomly changing. It’s happened on multiple stations and it’s starting to drive me nuts. Any ideas?
  4. Forte Audio, Video and Electronics
    I have a 2012 Kia Forte SX hatchback and the antenna and its base flew off while I was on the highway so that's long gone. The dealership quoted me for a replacement for $540 which is insane. The item number is #96260 -1M200. I was looking at shark fin antennas online and think I prefer that...
  5. Forte Audio, Video and Electronics
    Hi guys! I hope someone can help me. I am in need of the wiring schematics for the 2017 radio. I found the ones for the regular radio, but not for the 7" touch screen no-nav. Can anyone please help? I've attached a picture of the radio for reference Thank you in advance for any help/guidance...
  6. Sedan General Discussions
    I had quick discharge issues with my battery for a week, ended up replacing it but now my radios not working. 2014 Kia Forte LX, the buttons and knobs glow red like normal but no response from the screen and no sound. Dealerships are not much help here either, they say check the multimedia fuses...
  7. Forte Audio, Video and Electronics
    I have a 2018 forte with the standard small touch screen receiver and backup camera. I was wondering if the 7” display is plug and play compatible? I would really like the larger radio that comes with Apple/Android car play. Does anyone know if this is a compatible upgrade?
1-7 of 7 Results