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  1. Sedan General Discussion
    Hello all, kind of got a general discussion question. How do these cars hold up to rust? I know since around 2010 most cars do pretty well against forming rust/ rusting out due to better materials and processes. This is my first Kia, and I want to try to make my '21 last as long as possible...
  2. Kia Forte 2.4L Engine Discussion
    Kia is recalling 295,000 US vehicles because of engine fire risks
  3. Sedan General Discussion
    Hey friends. Need to figure out where the Grey wire coming from the bottom of the engine bay fuse box goes. It ends at the starter solenoid, goes up to the starter relay in the main fuse panel, then goes where? I suspect to the ignition but need proof. The problem: Fully functional car in...
  4. Sedan General Discussion
    Hey all, me and my wife have been fighting over the temperature in the car lately (first world problems I know) anyone ever convert normal EX climate with the Dual, I looked on eBay and they are super cheap and I know they don’t plug and play has anyone done this, is it difficult? Thanks
  5. Koup General Discussion
    There are lots of parts for the Kia on eBay Particularly from salvage yards who always want more and also parts sellers located in Korea. I’ve had the best luck buying directly from the sellers located in South Korea because the parts are cheaper. But sometimes the parts can be cheaper in the...
1-5 of 5 Results