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  1. Kia Forte Lighting
    I’m looking at getting LED tail lights for my forte. I was wondering if this model will fit my 2017 LX or if they’ll be slightly off for whatever reason. Has anyone else done an led tail light swap that can help?
  2. Sedan General Discussions
    It rained hard last night and I noticed some rain water in my tail light. About 6 months ago there was water build up in my right tail light which I had completely replaced with a brand new tail light. Fast forward present, the replacement is leaking and the other side has also begun leaking...
  3. Kia Forte Lighting
    Hello all. My wife has a 2015 Forte LX Sedan. It was in a pretty rough accident on the rear drivers side last year (rear drivers side door, replaced quarter panel/door, rear light fixture was not affected by accident). We had the car fixed and I have noticed since that sometimes the rear signal...
1-3 of 3 Results