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  1. Sedan General Discussion
    I want to get a set of summer wheels and tires for my Forte. Can I have two different sets of TPMS sensors programmed to the car so I don't have to swap sensors around every time I want to switch tires (which kind of defeats the purpose of having them on separate wheels)? If I can, how do I...
  2. Sedan General Discussion
    My 2020 Forte LXS came with 16" aluminum wheels and 205/55 R16 tires, like all others of this variant. Kumho Solus TA31 H-rated tires were installed. Last fall, the two passenger-side tired blew out catastrophically, when I got right up to the white line on the edge of a twisty road in New...
  3. Forte Wheels & Tires
    Need to buy the fourth wheel (Left-Rear). Anyone know what type of wheel this is? 2010 Kia Forte ex
  4. Forte Wheels & Tires
    I have a 2019 forte FE (I think, it’s a base model w hubcaps, IVT, heated seats/steering and lane keep its either an FE or LXS) I currently run 195 65r15s but I’m going to be getting new winter tires this season. Is there an issue putting 205s instead of 195s? The upper trims have 16s and 17s...
1-4 of 4 Results