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  1. Sedan General Discussions
    Hey everyone! I am looking for some feedback today. After being able to admire all the Forte GT's that come in to our shop and hanging out on the forums/groups for a few weeks, it turns out this may just be my new favorite car. I am starting to look into getting a 2022 Forte GT as my daily...
  2. Performance Mod's
    Hello everyone. I’m looking into possibly turbocharging my 2018 forte 2.0 in the near future and I’ve found a turbo setup for the 2016 2.0 nu engine and wasn’t sure if anyone might know whether that engine is the same as the 2018 as far as the exhaust manifold bolt pattern goes. If so I don’t...
  3. Kia Forte (2014+) 1.6T Engine Discussion
    I'm trying to install a boost gauge on my forte koup 1.6t. Want to tee off the vacuum line connecting the BPV/BOV and the intake manifold. As far as i know the turbo isn't really accessible without going under the car which i assume means the BOV or BPV is also down there. Does anyone know if...
  4. Koup General Discussions
    Ok so a little background, I am in no ways a mechanic or engineer. I am a tinkerer and a hobbyist and I am trying to learn about car modding. My first project is to install a DIY Boost gauge on my 2014 Forte Koup SX. To achieve this I plan to use an Arduino and a pressure sensor to measure...
  5. Kia Forte (2014+) 1.6T Engine Discussion
    Have been looking around and cannot seem to find what the max turbo psi for a kia forte gt.
  6. Sedan General Discussion
    Just picked up the GT M/T a couple weeks ago and I love the car but I haven’t found anywhere that specifically says what octane I should be filling up the 1.6T with, so I’ve been doing premium, but I was wondering whether that’s necessary or even beneficial?
  7. Performance Modifications
    I have been doing a lot of research but to no help. I am looking to see what all I will need to add a turbo to my stock 2.0 Forte. I have already looked into a turbo from and that is more than likely what I will be going with. I also will be getting their Cold Air Intake and their...
1-7 of 7 Results