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  1. Sedan General Discussion
    Has anyone swapped the taillights? I have a 2019 LX that comes with bulbs but I was thinking about replacing them with the OEM LED ones. However I'm not sure if it's plug & play or if I need anything else. I've also seen some mods for the mid reflector to turn it into a brake light but some...
  2. Kia Forte Lighting
    Hi all, new here. I just bought a used 2020 FE 6 speed with 4k miles on it yesterday. I just purchased some Hikari LED low beams on Amazon(will arrive tomorrow) and will test those with the CANBUS system. But I'm finding for other bulbs, like the Lasfit kits, it specifically excludes this...
  3. Sedan General Discussion
    I drive a 2017 Kia Forte and last night one of the headlights stop working and only the right one worked. This morning I check the front headlights and neither of them work. The back headlights work perfectly. Also the little turn signal indicator inside the car flashed fast after a few seconds...
1-3 of 3 Results