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2.4 Chrome Letters

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i dunno- if you have the rear debadged- kinda (dont take it wrong) silly to put the branding of one sort or another along the side.

i thought it was kinda cool that kia kept everything on the downlow (as far as US production) cars went.......
ie- only way to tell diff btwn a SX/EX koup was the red K on the rear badge trim- there is no other outward (unless you know about the wheels) way to see what level of forte you are looking at.....a way of having a bigger engine w/o bragging about it to everyone out there.
(and i do like 67beasts idea of doing them in matching body color- in fact- if they made body color matching Koup/Forte badges to match all the factory ones- i'd be interested)

but in the end- only one person gonna be driving your car...... :)
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