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2.4 Clutch Delay Valve Removal

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I am somewhat new to this forum, but have found a lot of useful information on it. So it is time to report something back. In January, I purchased a leftover 2010 SX 6 speed. I had read about the clutch issues here, and it didn't seem so bad on the test drive. After trying to live with it for 2 months and 2000 miles, the Clutch Delay Valve had to go. This is the 11th vehicle I have owned with a manual, and the only one I couldn't drive.

So I found a local mechanic here in St. Louis to do the "valvectomy" on my 2010 SX 6 Speed. The difference, as others have reported, is like night and day. The friction point is now consistent and you can now feel it in the pedal.

I gave him Rollerban2004's Infamous 2.4 Clutch Mod article and he verified what had to be done with Alldata. The adapter at the end of the line did not come out of the slave cylinder as it did for Rollerban2004, so he had to split the bellhousing from
the engine. This made it easier to remove the CDV and the adapter. It also insured that there were not misc. bits and pieces floating around afterward.

The process took one day and cost $550. It was worth every penny. So it is possible to get this done on the North American 2.4's if you find the right person.

If anyone in the midwest is interested in having this done, let me know and I can pass along his contact information.

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