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2010 5 speed A/T vs 2011 6 speed A/T

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I guess this thread is more for KiaTech and the Tech guys out there. Has anyone heard any reason from KIA itself on why the first year model has a 5 sp A/T and the 2011 will have a 6 sp A/T? It seems to me from the forum that the 5 sp has a lot of issues with shifting etc. So maybe that it the reason for the change. Makes me more interested in a 2011 than a 2010. Also you guys who work for KIA dealerships, have you heard a release date for the 2011 KOUP?
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It may have something to do with the 5 speed w/it's issues, but also a 6 speed is a little more modern and KIA is out to make a name for itself. And as of 2011 I heard were hitting dealers late august, if I'm not mistaken I believe my dear in York pa has an 11.
^^^I hear you there with the turbo, I just seriously hope that it doesn't come out with 6speed paddle shift only, I would not buy it then and just save up for the genesis coupe (which is gettin AWD!!!)
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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