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2010 5 speed A/T vs 2011 6 speed A/T

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I guess this thread is more for KiaTech and the Tech guys out there. Has anyone heard any reason from KIA itself on why the first year model has a 5 sp A/T and the 2011 will have a 6 sp A/T? It seems to me from the forum that the 5 sp has a lot of issues with shifting etc. So maybe that it the reason for the change. Makes me more interested in a 2011 than a 2010. Also you guys who work for KIA dealerships, have you heard a release date for the 2011 KOUP?
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I haven't experienced any problems with my 5speed :/ didn't even know people were having problems. Mine shifts perfectly at any throttle.
yeah ive never had a problem either... :confused:

and i run her harddd:D
Yea i havent any problems with the 5speed trans, other than a slip here and there. My want of the 6speed, or now light has been shed on beefing the 5speed up, is soley becuase i have read that there are more aftermarket parts for the stronger of the 2 transmissions. Which makes sense, but sadly they only offered the 5 speed when i bought mine =/ or the 6 is what i would have chosen. that or the manual if it wasnt a butt load more.
Im just gonna demand a new tranny from kia lol mine like will sit there sometimes when its in between shifts and its like it dosent catch.... its weird but idk what to do about it...
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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