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2010 Kia Forte: -No A/C light -Fan works until you drive awhile or the car gets real hot in the sun (Strange Yes)

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2010 KIA Forte - When I get in the car first thing in the morning (Florida so not exactly freezing) I turn on the defroster no light however I can hear a click and it does defrost the rear window. No A/C light and the blower blows hot air. About 30 minutes in on the ride to work, the A/C kicks in , light comes on, and blows cold. Now the strange part - If the car sits in the hot sun lets say until after 11-12 o'clock the A/C works like normal. ?? On a sunny hot day I leave work and it works fine.

Any ideas?
Thank you!
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I am also thinking of visiting the Scrap Yard to see if i can find a replacement, i guess new OEM part will cost a pretty penny.

I saw many available on Ebay, if i were living in the US, i'd probably buy from there.
what is your last decision . find solution or buy new one ?
1 - 2 of 27 Posts