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2010 Kia Forte: -No A/C light -Fan works until you drive awhile or the car gets real hot in the sun (Strange Yes)

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2010 KIA Forte - When I get in the car first thing in the morning (Florida so not exactly freezing) I turn on the defroster no light however I can hear a click and it does defrost the rear window. No A/C light and the blower blows hot air. About 30 minutes in on the ride to work, the A/C kicks in , light comes on, and blows cold. Now the strange part - If the car sits in the hot sun lets say until after 11-12 o'clock the A/C works like normal. ?? On a sunny hot day I leave work and it works fine.

Any ideas?
Thank you!
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If the car sits in the heat it works otherwise prepare to wait 20-30 minutes
If the ambient temp sensor is sending an incorrect voltage that's interpreted by the ECU as a very low ambient temp, then the compressor will not be allowed to run. Later on, the combination of higher ambient temp, along with sunlight hitting the photo sensor on the dash, could be high enough to trigger the A/C to run.

You can check the ambient temp value using an OBD live data scan tool. Not even necessary to start the engine - just plug the tool into the OBD port first thing in the morning, turn the key to on, and read the ambient temp value (which should be fairly close to the actual temp). If the scan tool shows a significantly lower temp than the actual one, it needs to be replaced.
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