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2010 or 2011 sedan ex

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I have two dealers waiting for a response. which is a better buy the 2010 or 2011 sedan ex?

From all the offers I was given there is a $1000 price different between the two cars. Which one should i get???

(btw i am new to this forum and the forte is an awesome car)
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2011...if you're going auto it has the 6 speed tranny Vs 4 speed and a few other items the 2010 doesn't have. ...unless you want to save $1000.
Thanks, I didnt know that. the 6 speed vs. 4 speed tranny makes a big difference.
yes 2011 there are a few "improvements" over the 2010 model mostly cosmetic, convenience.
They all come with a 6speed transmision now (manual had a 5speed before) which is th e biggest improvement since it can reduce the fuel consumption somewhat.
the feeling on the manual transmision is not so "nervous" anymore and a little easier on the feet but still responsive.
Otherwise they're both great cars and have the same warranties since they're both new but $1000 would'nt convince me to buy a year old which has had a higher depreciation (than $1000) already,
just for sitting on the lot. Probably has some more miles on it as well from test drives...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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