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Negative...the specs above were copied and pasted from the Kia site..."I" didn't miss it -- you'll have to bring that up with them...LoL! I think you're right...should read 1.027:1.

Even the 5-speed auto has no 1.00:1 ratio...4th and 5th gears are both overdrives.
after the diff is factored in there isn't a real overdrive gear in the forte 5 spd, comes out to still a little more than 1:1 in 5th

took my friend who owns a 90 240sx with stock ka24 single cam, exhaust and intake, and also an 03.5 mazdaspeed protege (prob slowest stock turbo car in a straight line ever but still quicker than our car by a good bit) and he was surprised at how quick the forte was in 2nd and 3rd, I ran through 2nd and a bit of 3rd going to wendys and he was like "damn this cars a lot quicker than you'd think! it would blow the doors off the 240 for sure" lol
we pulled back onto one of the back roads back to school and i punched it and he was like "damn your car is torquey!"
thats a compliment from someone who drives an msp everyday, they may lack power but they have pretty ridiculous torque for what they are lol, something like 188hp 200 tq
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