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2011 Koup 6spd Auto 1/4 mile?

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Anyone know what the 1/4 mile times are for the 2011 Forte Koup SX 2.4L with 6spd auto/paddle shift?
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Cause I did a 0 to 60 mph run with a stop watch 3 times and it read 7.8 sec 1st time second time was 7.6 sec and third was 7.35 sec. But I dunno how accurate my thumb is on the stop watch button LOL........
I did a 1/4 mile time with my stop watch the other day. It was a nice smooth level straight stretch of road that runs along side of a Citgo refinery. I measured on my trip odometer where the 1/4 mile is and then drove back to where I start at the line. So according to my measurments and assuming my odometer is accurate I ran the 1/4 mile with my stop watch and it said 15.8 sec. Didn't see what my mph was but when I glanced down for a half second it was between 85 and 90mph. I actually wanna go to the track to get a more possitive reading in the spring. =)
Those 0-60 times are a vast improvement over the old 5speed auto.
Those 0-60 times are a vast improvement over the old 5speed auto.
Hell yeah. I expected like 8.6 to 60mph and like 16.6 1/4mile.
my manual sx did 15,6 89 mph at napierville dragway here in QC I espect more on it since I now have a 2 1/4 exaust and a muffler and I can feel de difference !
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