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2011 Koup ABS Pump Module Assembly Failure

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I have searched this forum for "ABS Pump" and other variants of this part name and have found no threads about what I have just experienced. The key was turned off and the pump was still running. Key back on and all the ABS lights are on. Key back off and the pump is running. There is no relay or fuse as they are ingeniously built into the module.

Long story short, my long term mechanic tells me Kia has discontinued the part (they were $2300 new so I would not have been buying one anyway). It is not available and, since they have to be programmed, you cant get a used one because it would not be programable. So Kia has rendered me with no ability to have ABS brakes on the car. I had to unplug the module to keep the pump from running continually.

I just find it hard to believe this is the only case of this, but a general forum and a broader google search did not turn anything up. Any feedback is appreciated.
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I was more looking to hear from other folks that this happened to as well. No one? Impossible. However, ATM stuck with no abs which sucks first and foremost. Not to mention obliterating any resale value. Any one else?
Thanks alot for the helpful info. Finding a used one is not an issue. However, I was told by the shop that does the programming that these need programmed and that used ones are already programmed to their VIN and can not be "re-programmed". I also called my local dealer and inquired with the service department and they concurred what the mechanic stated. Do you have any feedback on this? I appreciate the helpful info.
My pdf 1st gen forte repair/service manual doesn't state the ABS control module (HECU) doesn't need to be programmed to VIN.

Just states to install, bleed at calipers, make sure wheel angle "clock spring" sensor, wheel speed sensors, fuse/relay, master brake cylinder, brake fluid, reservoir cap, brake lines are all in working order, not leaking, in working order & conditions.

The pdf shows extensive checks, self diagnostics/diagnosis & self calibration.
I am not sure what vehicle(s) this manual covers. For my 2011 Kia Forte Koup, Kia Motor Corp Consumer Affairs, my local dealer and my local mechanic all say it needs to be programmed. I am not spending the time and effort to install and find out they are all correct. Kia Consumer Affairs told me they are only required to manufacture parts for 10 years and have left customers like me with a dangerous vehicle with a tanked resale value. Needless to say this is my first and last Kia I will ever own. Korean POS.
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Have you checked the relay or mininf fuse for brakes?

Check the wire harness plug & see if it's connected.

What is it you think I am checking the fuse for? Do you really even know what it does? If so, I am thinking this would not be your response. The fuse is built into their crappy module as is the relay. If the fuse was blown, the pump would not run at all, not be stuck on. Good probability it is a stuck relay, but their ingenious design has the relay inaccessibly built into the module. This whole design is junk as is their leaving customers without ABS with a devalued car. KIA SUCKS.
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