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2011 Koup ABS Pump Module Assembly Failure

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I have searched this forum for "ABS Pump" and other variants of this part name and have found no threads about what I have just experienced. The key was turned off and the pump was still running. Key back on and all the ABS lights are on. Key back off and the pump is running. There is no relay or fuse as they are ingeniously built into the module.

Long story short, my long term mechanic tells me Kia has discontinued the part (they were $2300 new so I would not have been buying one anyway). It is not available and, since they have to be programmed, you cant get a used one because it would not be programable. So Kia has rendered me with no ability to have ABS brakes on the car. I had to unplug the module to keep the pump from running continually.

I just find it hard to believe this is the only case of this, but a general forum and a broader google search did not turn anything up. Any feedback is appreciated.
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You should check to see if you can join the Kia HECUS class action settlement over the ABS system.
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