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2013 Forte Ex Sedan + Koup

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This might be a silly question but since im new to this are the body part available for the koup interchangeable with those of the sedan? I have a sedan but i like the aftermarket body designs of the Koup. Can i install them on my car?
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2013 is the first generation (2010-2013)
Some but not much. The Koup has different bumpers and lower fascia. Doors are trunk are obviously different. Fenders and hood are the same. That basically it. Headlights are slightly different but will fit.

The hatchback has more in common with your sedan than the Koup. Basically, everything forward if the B-pillar interchanges.
Thanks. This actually helps. I want to have some fun with this car but i need to know what works.
Just to let you know, while the Koup rear bumper/fascia will not fit a sedan, the front bumper/fascia will.

So you can't fit a front lip lit for a Koup on your sedan front bumper/fascia, but you can put a Koup front bumper/fascia on your sedan i that makes sense. Here are some threads about Koup bumper/fascia swaps onto sedans/hatches:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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