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I have been eyeing the craigslist, autotrader and speedlist for the past couple months trying to find the perfect Koup that fits my wants.

There has been a couple Koups that came up which perfectly fit all my wants check list but I was just too slow to act.

So, here i am, patiently waiting for a new perfect match to appear.

I dont have much faith that creating this thread will get me my car but you never know!

I am looking for a low mileage 2013 Koup SX.

Must have:
- Leather
- Sunroof
- Automatic

- Keyless entry
- Push button start
- Navigation
- Bright Silver color

I am located in Kansas City due to school. However, I can also trade in Atlanta since that's where my home is and if a nice enough ride is located there, I will simply fly down to snatch it up!

My number is 816 724 7415. If posting my personal information is against the ToS, simply let me know and I will remove it.

Thanks for looking.
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