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My 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee limited V6 did the same. The fix for me was to stop pumping & stomping on the brake. Give it some time/minutes to self release brake pressure.

I had to wait 30min on the Jeep. After 30min. I applied one normal (non bashing/ pissed angry annoyed stomping & mashing) continuous pressure then push started like always & started.

Also check to see if your push start button is removable revealing a manual/backup ignition key start slot.

No manuals or from the stealerships will tell one about this hidden cheat. I had to figure out the "what the f*ck am I gonna do if the remote batt is dead & the jeep doesn't detect key?" It has happened & my Jeep will NOT start at all. Key not detected shows up on screen.

I started to look around mess with this & that & stuck a flat head screwdriver into the edge of the push start (anything with an edge will work) & sure enough there was a manual ignition switch which uses the remote itself as the turn key to start my Jeep in case of remote failure.

Also all the employees at the dodge stealership didn't even know about this or don't care to tell the customer /it's all about taking all the cash they can on their vehicles.

Go check your push start for this removable installed feature.
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