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2017 Forte LX 6MT Reverse Won’t Engage

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Hello, I hope this post finds everyone well! I was trying to reverse into my driveway when I found that each time I’d try to move the shifter into reverse, it wouldn’t engage; there’s nothing but grinding. I’ve had the car for about 7 months now and it has a bit over 68,000k on it. The clutch and all other gears work just fine, so I’m trying to figure out whether I’ve just grenaded reverse, its an early sign of clutch wear, its something wrong with the shift linkages, or something else. If you all have any knowledge of an issue similar to this please let me know! Thanks 🙏🏿
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I certainly will, thanks for that!
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Try pumping the clutch a few times quickly, then engaging reverse
This does work for a bit, so thanks, but as soon as I get any speed and almost have the clutch out it pops out of reverse and starts grinding.
Try putting it into 1st, then reverse. Did this start happening suddenly, or did it gradually get worse?
I’ve been trying that and it works for like three seconds and pops out and grinds. It did start happening suddenly actually. Reverse worked and then it didn’t.
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