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2019-2022+ Forte GT - Forte Mods and Performance Upgrades/ Tuning. First Page For Links..

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Since I see several topics looking for things for our GTs and non GTs. Ive decided to make a one stop topic for links and discussions for Mods and Performance Upgrades.
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Hey all, first time modder here.
Just bought the afe cai after reading through this thread. Will post pictures and maybe a video once I get it and hopefully install it correctly!
Don't know if this counts as a performance mod, but I did a muffler and resonator delete today. Sounds really good but kinda drones in the lower rpms, I might put the resonator back in. For some reason I can't post a video from my phone but I'll try doing it from my laptop later.
Hi all,
I'm new to performance mods and I was looking at eibachs springs and sway bars. I wanted to get the springs to lower the stance of the car but I noticed that most people change the sway bars first. I can't afford both right now and was wondering what you guys would recommend I do first.
And any other manufacturer suggestions would be great too! Thanks in advance
I got the pro kit from eibach with their front and rear sway bars and lowering springs. (Sold for the Elantra GT). The springs lowered it about an inch in both the front and back. Driven it maybe 100-150 miles and it feels way better than the OEM ones. Really happy with them.

Here's a picture with it after lowering, the gap between the wheels and the wheel wells is pretty much gone. It doesn't look uneven or weird, looks like eibach did a good job making it swap and play. The only hard part of the install was that the front requires removing the steering column and control arms. Took about 5 hours to get everything done with help from a mechanic at a shop.


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My aFe Cold Air Intake came in for my Forte GT.
That's awesome, still waiting on mine!
Do keep us updated
Do you have the part number for those lowering springs from eibach? I found that eibach doesn't list a spring for the 2020 elantra gt yet.
This is what I bought, I think it's listed for the veloster, but it works for the forte and Elantra as well. Lift Kits, Lowering Springs, Race Springs, Shocks & Sway Bars
So the whole kit works for the forte? Or is it just the springs that work?
The whole kit works.
Added the go fast bits blow off valve (t9211), currently running in a 50/50 config. Sounds pretty sweet, wish the turbo didn't lag so much. Also added the mac bov solenoid. No cel or issues so far. Spaces are tight under the car, first time I've done such an installation too. Took about 2.5 hours total.
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My car says "check fog light" but they're running fine, anyone know how to fix?
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