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2019-2022+ Forte GT - Forte Mods and Performance Upgrades/ Tuning. First Page For Links..

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Since I see several topics looking for things for our GTs and non GTs. Ive decided to make a one stop topic for links and discussions for Mods and Performance Upgrades.
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Yeah the MAC is just a better part for additions of better parts. So yeah i highly recommend it.
An aftermarket boost solenoid WILL void engine warranties. If you blow the motor they will system check your car to look for over boosting in the systems memory.

If you get a quality BOV you shouldn't have an issue. I've used GFB in the past and never had an issue. I have a GFB Respons on my Gt running 50/50 on a high piston load. Boomba are very cheap bov and I would never put one on my car. I've known several people with focus st that had issues with them and switched to other brands. Also the injen intake even not closed still sucks cold air from the wheel well. My IAT was slightly higher by 3° with my injen cai. But flows better. The afe intakes are just a factory intake they put a round filter on. If you want that just buy a high flow flat filter and save yourself 200 bucks.
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So the only way the solenoid will void warranty is if it causes a issue for stuff to fail is the cause of a failure. I think you need to look into aftermarket parts voiding factory warranties. When i contacted GFB they also recommended the MAC solenoid. Even if you use greddy and hks the MAC solenoid is recommended. Afe is just not factory cai. I think you need to do more research and start actually talking to these companies instead of putting out false information. If you are implying that this MAC will blow ur engine that is LOL.
I didn't say it will blow anything, if you make more than a factory boost on a car your engine warranties are void. And of course the companies are going to tell you anything you want to hear. I'm an ase master mechanic out of Wisconsin. I'm just trying to save the lesser informed people from your ignorance sir. If your car is factory at 10psi and you switch to a boost solenoid that allows it to build to 18psi and 5 years down the road you have a defective rod bearing that spins for no reason beyond a manufacturer error in it...they will run your computer and see over boost and you'll be stuck buying a new motor. I have a 20 year 200k mile warrentie through metro Kia of Madison and I don't intend to void that over making a cool sound from my charge pipe from a cheap bov. A boost solenoid isn't going to cause failure of a bov piston. You bought a junk aftermarket part. Why does the factory bov not need the added vacuum? 🤔🤔🤔🤔.
Has anyone installed the cosmo short shifter? One review says it hits the console in reverse. But they are the only actual short shifter I've found. Also how much shorter are the throws? It's the one thing I don't like about the forte gt is the throws make you feel like you're driving a ford ranger. Any advice? Thanks guys
Yes that's one. Unless you know of another short shifter. That's the only company I found that makes one
I just bought mine a few days back, it doesn’t hit it is a lot closer to the console than the stock shifter but doesn’t hit. The throws cut about 40% View attachment 81535
Thanks, I got sick of waiting on a reply and just ordered it lol. But I live in Wisconsin and so I might wait til spring to install it. Cold and removing plastic panels don't go together lol. Thanks though looks good. I got a different knob coming too
I understand, I read through the reviews and got sick of waiting if anyone had installed it so I just bought it. Yeah, I bought a weighted Shift knob I don’t mind the one it comes with but I’ve been wanting to try out a weighted one for a while. Oh! If it helps I emailed cosmoracing and apparently the shift knob threading for the short shifter is 10 x 1.25
Yeah I checked the thread pitch and ordered a big bore weighted shift knob from raceseng. But it's like a 8 week wait because each is custom made. But I've used their shift knobs before and to me it's worth the money to have a good knob. Cheap knobs suck. They say it's weighted and it's less than 1lb. Especially if it reduces by 40% you want a heavy knob. It makes a huge difference.
Oh really? never checked theirs out, I bought mine from likewise buddy of mine has one of the weighted one and it helps a lot
They're nice but it's got a high price tag. I thing this one sense I got a big bore to fit the lock out collar like the one from cosmo is it was like 160 I think. But a nice car should have nice things. If this was a 91 honda I'd just junk yard hunt lol.
Finally installed the cosmo racing short shifter and custom made raceseng shift knob. Love it. No more clunky plastic feeling shifts, it's not crazy short which is good. I didn't want it super short. Just the factory shifter felt like a ford ranger. The throws were way too long for a sport sedan.

Excuse the dirt, needs to be detailed. And ignore the cigarettes I don't smoke in it
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Raceseng and other companies make adapters to make it longer but then the lock out will be farther away. But I like it. I usually just drive it on weekends but now I want to drive it all the time again lol
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