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2019-2022+ Forte GT - Forte Mods and Performance Upgrades/ Tuning. First Page For Links..

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Since I see several topics looking for things for our GTs and non GTs. Ive decided to make a one stop topic for links and discussions for Mods and Performance Upgrades.
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Hey guys. New here. Picked up my GT back at the end of December. Have been looking for some upgrades. I haven’t long had a cat back exhaust. Another guy in here said it drones at low rpm. Listen to him. It’s a really mean sounding car. Very quick but I had a couple of questions. I was told a aftermarket bov would slow my car down due to it would vent to atmosphere rather than in the air box slowing boost pickup when you get back on the throttle say during a gear change. Maybe someone can clarify that. Where did the guy with the blue forte get the led fog bulbs? What is the best tuner for the car. I heard great things for hp tuners but I’m not sure what all is compatible with our cars.
1 - 1 of 1241 Posts