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2019+ Wheels and Tires

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Post you pics and wheel and tire specs here for the 2019+ Forte Sedans and Hatchbacks. It would be nice if we could get everyone to post the setup they have with specs and pics so others can see what they look like and how they fit? Most forums have this so all the info is in one place.

Stock wheel and tire specs
Center bore for all 2019+ Forte is 67.1mm
15x6.0 46mm offset 195/65r15
16x6.5 50mm offset 205/55r16
17x7.0 53mm offset 225/45r17
18x7.5 55mm offset 225/40r18

Not all sizes will fit all 2019+ Forte since the brakes are larger on the GT models and models with the electric e-brake (11.2 inch rear vs 10.3)

Alloy Wheel and Tyre Fitment Calculator. Offset, Tyre Stretch and Speedo Error | Will They Fit
Tire Size Calculator
Kia Forte - Specs of wheel sizes, tires, PCD, Offset and Rims -
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19x8 +55 stock Veloster N wheels
245/35/19 Yokohama avid sport tires
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The car doesn't use an actual TMPS in the wheel. It uses the ABS sensors to read the rotation rates of each wheel independently. A tyre with a lower air pressure will rotate faster compared to the tires with normal air pressure, as the overall diameter of the tire is smaller when air pressure is lower - think of it like balloon with a little air in it, vs one with a lot of air in it.

In my experience the sensitivity is around 6psi of differential air pressure between tires
Mine has sensors...
ok, well I sit corrected :)
Way over there 😛
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