Traded my 2020 Forte GT DCT in for a 21 mustang back in April. I have a Lap3 93 octane tuned ECU up for grabs. This was by far the best tuned ecu that I've ever put in a vehicle. You will need to run mx45xl plugs and 5w 40 synthetic oil with this tune as well as 93 octane. I have a set of plugs that have about 1100-1200 miles on them that will be included. Those alone are $100+ for a brand new set. I had just changed the plugs before I traded the car. I had only planned on test driving both the auto and stick that day and ordering what I wanted. But they offered me almost what I had paid for the car new. I did alot of reasearch at the time and felt Lap3 was safest and best option for me. If you're looking for tuning options do yourself a favor and look at all the options out there and make your own decision before purchasing anything.