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2020 won’t shift into reverse

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2020 FE LXS

2L engine 4 cyn

Last week, the RPMs were jumping up and down while driving.

This morning, it won’t shift into reverse. When I put it in R, its like it doesn’t catch.

Having it towed to the dealer now, but curious as to what happened. Last week a poster suggested it didn’t get a software update, which was helpful, but now it seems like something serious.
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CVT failure?
Keep us updated!
According to the warranty history, it did have the update.

This morning they said it needed a new transmission.

Im kind of done and trying to get my money back.
Shouldn't it still be in warranty? 10 year 100k warranty if bought new, 5 year 60k mile warranty if Certified used
I believe the transmission is still covered by the warranty.

But since no dash lights came on when it first started to have problems last week (first, RPMs were fluctuating weirdly while driving, then loss of acceleration, finally it did not shift into reverse) and I’ve only had it for almost 4 months and put only 1000 miles on it, I’m trying to get my money back. I do not have confidence in the safety of the car.
Just because a part that is known for failure on early cars failed, doesn't mean the rest of the car is crap. With a new transmission, which will be better than the early one that failed in your car, it will be good as new, and you likely won't run into any more issues for a long time.
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