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2023 Kia Forte GT Automatic DCT w/ GT2 Package in Steel Grey - Questions

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Hi All,

Hope everyone is doing well. I just picked up a 2023 Kia Forte GT Automatic DCT w/ GT2 Package in Steel Grey. Has been a great car so far. Just a few questions I thought maybe I could receive some input on:

1) Is there a specific break-in period for the vehicle? I hear different advice on this, with the most common answer being to keep the vehicle between 2k-4k RPMs for the first 600 miles. It is also reported that during this period, the transmission is a little jerky, especially at low speeds, but that this is normal. Would anyone know if this subsides after the break-in period or as more miles are put on the vehicle?

2) Is there a way to keep the active lane steering assist on permanently (steering wheel symbol) instead of having to manually activate it every time the vehicle is turned on? I have the same question for the Auto Hold feature as well.

3) The rubber beltline trim surround on the doors are composed of some sort of rubberized plastic. Should I start applying a protectant/Armor All-type applicator to protect it from fading? If so, are there any recommended cleaner/application treatments that work best for this type of material that would not damage the paint?

4) For each service interval, the manual indicates an oil change should be accompanied by a fuel additive treatment. Does anyone know what type of fuel additive is recommended?

I may have more questions the more I drive it, but these are all I can think of at this time. Attached are some initial photos (more to follow). Thank you in advance for the input!


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Car looks good! Where did you take the pics? Fort Totten or Whitestone?
Congrats! Looks good.
As for your questions,
  1. Technically no break in is required, however it's advised by Kia to keep it under 4k rpm for the first 500 or so miles and avoid aggressive throttle inputs or too much throttle, as well as varying your speed on the highway. The transmission will smooth out as the clutches break in, but it will never be conventional auto levels of smooth at low speeds due to the nature of a dual clutch transmission's inherent design.
  2. Not sure - my stays on between key cycles. Maybe they removed that functionality for the facelift? Play around in the menus and read through the owner's manual and you might find something.
  3. Any trim protectant should be fine, but I haven't seen a case of that stuff fading, so I wouldn't worry about it too much.
  4. Chevron Techron is what is usually recommended
Hope this helps.
I have a 2020 GT and can't seem to find any info in the manual about using an additive with every oil change. Any idea where I can find this in the manual?
It’s under service. There’s that table with everything laid out. It should be in there.
Awesome, found it! Thank you very much!
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The only issue I noticed is putting the car in gear and it not engaging. I have to put back into neutral or park in order to engage. No other serious issues. Transmission works great. It may be your paranoia but I'm always paranoid too so don't worry.
The DCT operates a lot like a manual transmission with the computer controlling the clutches and shifting. The clutch engaging and disengaging as you feel won't harm it. It's like slipping the clutch yourself in a manual transmission car doing the same parking maneuver. If anything, it will just wear the clutches a little more than if you weren't doing it, but I wouldn't be worried about it.
100% True!
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